Company Profile

We are an architectural practice with a focus on innovation and service. We look beyond the traditional confines of our profession to understand trends in the wider world affecting our practice and the issues concerning our clients.

Our Values

Young+Metcalf has been an active participant in the building industry for over 25 years. We have been at the forefront of design innovation with respect to the accommodation of senior Australians and we have developed a deep appreciation of the preferences and requirements of all stakeholders in this sector.

Young + Metcalf is a commercially astute and partnership-oriented practice. We understand the corporate and ideological needs of our clients and assist in finding the right solution. We recognise that as architects we are not just creators of space but true collaborators with other specialists to provide wholistic responses to complex problems.

The design focus of Young+Metcalf is in the seniors living, residential, education, and community based sectors. As a guiding rule we believe in simplicity and have a desire to create spatial coherence, drawing on the collective learning and creativity of our people.

Our Focus

Our boutique scale practice enables a swift response to individual projects.

This model has the following advantages:

Full involvement of Young+Metcalf principals in each project eliminates risk

By controlling the project intake we can guarantee expert service of our “A” team. Direct communication with experienced personnel eliminates client and project risk.

Collaboration with external experts to target specific projects

Depending on the requirements of each project, we can call on both internal resources and external expertise to deliver the optimum service. We have also developed strategic alliances to deliver larger projects or projects with specific requirements.

Incorporation of research and adaptation

We allow time to fully research options and adapt methodologies to each project. We can offer studies which enable our clients to thoroughly investigate project requirements. We monitor trends in both the architectural sector relating to a project and the wider issues in society where they inform the project’s context.

Project experience coupled with design edge

Experience carries value and requires a balance with perspective. Young+Metcalf offer both the security of experience working to create the built environment with a delight in testing design parameters with every project.